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Santa's Snowy Adventure

is available now online and download.

Tracy is reading her books in classrooms and daycare centers. Contact her directly to schedule her now. 

Tracy is a BOOKPAL (Performing Artists for Literacy in Schools) is a national literacy program administered by the nonprofit Screen Actors Guild Foundation. 
It’s a unique program of volunteer performers who read aloud to children, showing them the joy of reading. 
BookPALS read in school classrooms, hospitals, libraries, and shelters.

​By Diane Wheaton
A sweet story written with adorable illustrations for young children about Santa, his elves and reindeer working together in a teamwork endeavor!

By S. Sayler 
Delightfully illustrated, this fun little tale will show a funny side of working with reindeer and what Santa has to go through to get all the toys to good little girls and boys.... My grandchild enjoyed this tale and the fun illustrations.

By Mazie Martin
This is more than just Santa's adventure - it's a story with an underlying message of teamwork that all kids can learn from. Be sure to get this for all the all the kids in your life!

By P. Benson TOP 1000 REVIEWER
This author is a great storyteller. It's a bit hard to work with the Christmas night trope and come up with something new and inventive. Tracy Elman did it.
I loved this book and so did my daughter. There's a dire situation the author creates because the sleigh is stuck and Santa is ready to go with all the toys for the children.
The text is well-written with lots of action words. This would be a great book for young readers as well as a good one for parents to read to their young children. The illustrations are bright, colorful and funny as Santa, the reindeer and the elves all try to help.

By Debbi Dachinger
The book, Santa's Snowy Adventure tells how Jeffery the Surfer reindeer helped save Christmas! Great gift! So fun to read to kids too. Two thumbs up for a children's book!

By Barb De Franco
What a fun and entertaining book. My grandchildren just loved the pictures and the story was funny and new. I hope Santa has more adventures so we can get more of this talented and creative writer. We laughed so hard over the reindeer antics. This is a must book to add to any child's collection. Way to go Jeffery and Ms Elman

By Michael
This a great story for parents to read to their young children who are eagerly waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve. The tale is cute and the illustrations wonderfully match the story for kids to follow along with. A wonderful tale!

By Susan Keefe
Everyone knows that Santa makes his trip around the world with his trusty elves and reindeer, every Christmas dropping off presents to all the good boys and girls on his way; but have you ever thought what would happen if something went wrong? What if he got held up, would the presents arrive?Well… One Christmas after kissing Mother Christmas goodbye, he set off on his sleigh laden high with presents, pulled by Jeffery, the Surfer Reindeer in his special jumper, and his other reindeer friends. However, reindeers have needs like any other animal and when one needed to stop, well of course Santa did, but it was on the snow, and unfortunately, the sleigh got stuck!

What a problem! Can Santa and his helpers free the sleigh in time? Will all the good little boys and girls get their presents?
This delightful children’s story, has been beautifully illustrated by the talented Bryan Dave Tagalogon. The author has written in a wonderfully magical way about this very special time of year, and cleverly hidden in the story, messages for children about the virtues working together, keeping promises, and of course being good all year so Santa will come.

By J.C.
Great little book just in time for Christmas. I loved the illustrations, very well written and entertaining.