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"My Inspired Thoughts." The book will be released in summer 2017. I will be releasing my book on Investing in Real Estate in late Feb 2017. Santa's snowy adventure will be reformatted with bigger pictures and larger print.  

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​​Award-Winning Book Prepares Children
for Today’s Challenges! 

LOS ANGELES, CA, — Tracy Elman has created a delightful children’s story, Santa's Snowy Adventure. In this award-winning book, Santa's sleigh gets frozen to the ice it takes lots of teamwork and some creative thinking by Jeffery the Surfer Reindeer to be sure Christmas is not missed!  

The author has written in a wonderfully magical way about this very special time of year, and cleverly hidden in the story, messages for children about the virtues working together, keeping promises, and of course being good all year so Santa will come.

Santa's Snowy Adventure offers engaging characters, beautiful illustrations and powerful lessons to prepare children for some of the challenges they may face as they grow.  

This book will spark creativity and help encourage children in the development of personal integrity and the value of teamwork.  It inspires and entertains while imparting valuable life lessons.

Santa's Snowy Adventure is the recipient of the Bronze eLit Award, Illuminating Digital Publishing Excellence.

By elementary school age, author and narrator Tracy Elman had already entered the world of entertainment. Through her love of books, Tracy has become a gifted and highly sought-after narrator. When Tracy tells you a story, it becomes ALIVE. She is an accomplished storyteller, narrator and author. 

As an Author Tracy is a constant source of new ideas. Creative, passionate, and fun, Tracy captivates children young and old. Her essence is outstanding and picturesque in telling the story. She is known best for her voice in the Robby’s Quest audiobook series. She has voiced over 65 characters. Children enjoy the Audiobooks with sound effects along with the pictures in the books read by the author. Tracy is available for interviews.

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